Features & Benefits

  1. Home Loan Transfer
  2. Home Loan Transfer is basically taking a home loan, to pay off existing home loan(s).
  3. Typically, the choice to transfer is made when interest rates are lower than the original loan. A Top-up over the existing loan can provide you ready cash for any of your needs.
  4. You should go for  Home Loan Transfer if:
    You are trying to reduce your interest rate and lower your payments.
    You are trying to reduce your home loan term to pay off your loan faster.
    You want to use the equity in your house to get money for any of your needs.
    You can take a top-up over the existing loan to get the much-needed cash to fulfill your needs.
  5. Home Loan Transfer is based on your convenience. The procedure of acquiring the loan is made easy, and the amount payable for your installments are designed to make you feel comfortable.